The album is going to blow you away....

You know, Purple Foxers, I have been so busy working on the album, that I totally forgot to fill you all in on all the good things happening!  I will try to be brief and focused.  We have launched our Indiegogo Campaign, and looking to raise $15,000 for everything we are investing in this summer for the band.  We have some great rewards, I promise it will be well worth the 5 minutes:


and if you don't have the 5 minutes right now, here is the skinny...

1) finishing the album in time to submit for the upcoming 61st Grammy Awards

2) Nashville in August to spread the Purple at CDBaby's DIY music conference

3) printing the 2nd edition of our children's book

4) pressing our 2nd album "The Something of Love" on tie-dye vinyl

5) finishing the next 2 episodes of Afternoon Snack


We are playing a ton of free live shows this summer, please check our gig list and join in the fun!


Purple Fox Josh

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