Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies

3rd album "Something's Brewing... It's Halloween!" 

to be released 8/23/19!!
Sophomore award winning
 album, "The Something of Love"  and instrumentals OUT NOW!!

Listen here or your favorite online streaming source:

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Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies welcomes you online...  well we don't actually exist online, we are real people...  well kinda.  We love the funk.  Do you love the funk?  Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies will get you dancing in the street!  of course if the street is closed off, because you don't want to be in the street, unless of course you are safely crossing the street at the intersection after looking both ways and holding your buddy's hand...  

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Thank you for the ukulele donations, and our School Assembly show #BeKind is ready! 

Power to the Purple, my Purple Foxers!  Josh Friedman (Purple Fox to those in the know) here, and have the exciting update for PFatHJ music and all it's fixings! 

I am so thankful to Bret Martin and Jim Corbett, through the non profit Mr. Music Foundation and Ukes4Kids, for their generous donation of 20 ukuleles for the school.  It was a blast to donate my time to teach our version of the 4 B's, and then feature them in our first School Assembly show #BeKind, please check out our video! And if you have kids in elementary school, please pass it on to bring us to your local school! 

Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies #BeKind: 


Teaching the 4 B's (Be Respectful, Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Kind), and practicing our Manners through song, as it is on our NAPPA Award winning and Tillywig Top Fun album, "The Something of Love".

We won Tillywig TOP FUN Award! Come celebrate with us this Saturday in Mountain View! 

Happy September, Purple Foxers! Power to the Purple!!  🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊🦊 

We have so much to celebrate! Can you come and celebrate with us this Saturday?  We are at Mountain View Art & Wine Festival at 2pm-3pm on the stage near the Kids Zone, and we might have a 10 piece on the stage!  I will be giving away at least 3 CDs of our latest album, and 1 Tie-Dyed shirt.  It will be difficult to not have a good time.  Really. Not kidding.  

Okay, here's our update.  Did you notice that I this is our AuguSeptember Monsterly Musical Monthly?  That's because, August was a whirlwind... Our latest album "The Something of Love", just won the Tillywig Top Fun award! 

and we are in the runnings for the Grammy Award for Best Children's Album.  If you are (or know anyone) that is a voting member of the Recording Academy (NARAS), we need your vote! 

We recently got back from a week in Nashville!  We were at the CDBaby DIY Music Conference, and will have some very exciting news to announce in the next MMM.  We wrote 7 songs while we were there, already developing our next two albums.  Got video footage for our next episode of Afternoon Snack (coming out this Fall). 

The Vinyl will be ready in October! But you don't need to wait to hear our award winning album, Our CD is available for purchase, featured in some local stores! 
Mill Valley Music Mill Valley 
Amoeba San Francisco 
Streetlight Records San Jose 
Vinyl Solution San Mateo 

And here are a few place you can listen online: 
iTunes/Apple Music 
(we are featured as new music on the front page of the Children's Music genre!) 

Please connect with us on social media: 

as always, check our website to stay up to date on our gigs and news: 


Our new album is out! Come dance with us in Los Altos tonight! 

Happy August, we made it!  We have been having so much fun this summer, and there is more fun to be had!  First of all, a big big THANK YOU to you, for being you.  There's nothing more that you have to do than just be you.  And a big big THANK YOU for supporting us, and allowing us to provide you with kindness and generosity, and love, and most of all, MUSIC!  Our new album is out!! 


We are playing tonight in Los Altos, CA....

6-8pm in the Veteran's Community Plaza, on the corner of State and Main.  This is our local stomping ground, so you know it's gonna be good!



The album is going to blow you away.... 

You know, Purple Foxers, I have been so busy working on the album, that I totally forgot to fill you all in on all the good things happening!  I will try to be brief and focused.  We have launched our Indiegogo Campaign, and looking to raise $15,000 for everything we are investing in this summer for the band.  We have some great rewards, I promise it will be well worth the 5 minutes:




and if you don't have the 5 minutes right now, here is the skinny...

1) finishing the album in time to submit for the upcoming 61st Grammy Awards

2) Nashville in August to spread the Purple at CDBaby's DIY music conference

3) printing the 2nd edition of our children's book

4) pressing our 2nd album "The Something of Love" on tie-dye vinyl

5) finishing the next 2 episodes of Afternoon Snack


We are playing a ton of free live shows this summer, please check our gig list and join in the fun!


Purple Fox Josh

One more music video, and March marks the starting of the next album! 

Alright Purple Foxers!  I'm sticking to the plan!  Here is the latest Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies music video, Red Hot Hot Rod!


And keeping with my timeline (and my birthday wishes), I'm starting the recording for the next album tomorrow!!

But, come out and see us at the end of the month for the Eggstavanza in Central Park, San Mateo, CA..  hitting the stage at noon..

March 31st 12pm-1pm

yours truly,

Purple Fox Josh

New Lyric videos! 

Hey all you Purple Foxers, have you wondered what we do while we are in between shows?  (Our next one, by the way is a birthday party this weekend)...

Well, I'm glad you asked!  Purple Fox Josh here, and while we aren't on the stage and interacting with all you Purple Foxers in the audience, I'm editing videos for our songs.  And you gotta see our latest two I just put out!

Red Hot Lava Lyric Video:


I Got Mad Style Lyric Video:


Please leave a comment, like and subscribe to our YouTube channel, we wanna hear what you think!

yours truly,

Purple Fox Josh

The concerts are coming! Fun one for this Friday night for the whole family... 

Hey all you Purple Foxers!  How are you doing?  I feel like we haven't seen you in AGES!  Can we have a playdate this Friday at an ALL AGES show in San Carlos? It's the Week of the Family, and San Carlos Youth Center is going to be hopping with your favorite Children's FUNk band for your movin' and shaken'!  

Come dance with us!

 Fri, Feb 2, 2018 6:00 PM -  7:30 PM  

 San Carlos Youth Center 

1001 Chestnut St, San Carlos, CA 94070, USA



yours truly,

Purple Fox Josh


Live Like a Champion Music Video breaks 10,000 views! 

My Purple Foxers!  Have you seen our latest music video?  I know we aren't at a million views, but 10,000 views made the cheese fall off my cracker!  Allakazoo!

Apparently we are getting popular in Venezuela.  :-D  Perhaps a tour of the Americas is in our future!  In the meantime, a tour of your living room with a Live Like a Champion dance party might happen right about now (at least in our living room).....


Happy New Year! and a new review of My Purple Fox! 

Hello all you Purple Foxers!  What did you do over the holiday break?  Did you go somewhere fun?  I was editing our latest music video (which is almost to our release!) and hanging out with Jude and Jozy reading a ton of books while we were sick.  At least we had good company, right?  Well, it's a rainy day today, so I won't be able to do much playing outside.  

We got a great review of our latest album by MrJeff2000:


aaaaaaand.....    We have a radio interview coming up on Jan 20th, and more videos in the works, looking forward to sharing with all of you!

best wishes,

Purple Fox Josh

In the studio! 

I am sooooo excited, we are almost done writing the material for our next album.  To be released in June 2018!  Our working title is the name of one of our songs, any guesses?  We have a fun live performance on our YouTube channel...

In the meantime, I've been also video editing ...  almost done with a Lyric video for I Love You, Infinity....  Subscribe to our YouTube  channel to get the in the moment update when we post!!  We need 49 more subscribers until we can claim youtube.com/mypurplefox... wanna help us out?  Plus I know you wanna get the latest up to the moment PING! when we release our next video....

I mean, look at our URL name now, kinda hard to remember, but at least it will get you there:




We miss you dearly, Purple Foxers, but it won't be long before we see you after a show.  I do believe we have found our cycle...  Play live Feb - Oct, back to the studio Nov - Jan ...  Just know we aren't hibernating!  I will be more active on this blog to update progress on our recordings, videos, books, and general love of life...  ;0)

in light,

Purple Fox Josh