1. 1 Perfect Day 02:40
  2. 2 We Got It (Our Time Together) 02:38
  3. 3 Forever Everyday (album version) 02:51
  4. 4 Please (I Don't Wanna Harsh Your Mellow) 04:46
  5. 5 Thank You 03:02
  6. 6 You're Welcome (In My House) 02:55
  7. 7 Sharing Is Caring 03:44
  8. 8 Sorry 05:26
  9. 9 S'alright 02:35
  10. 10 I Love You, Infinity (For the Possibilities) 03:01
  11. 11 Red Hot Lava 02:36
  12. 12 My Purple Fox 03:06
  13. 13 Live Like A Champion 02:56
  14. 14 I Got Mad Style 03:14
  15. 15 123 To Infinity 01:56
  16. 16 Red Hot Hot Rod 02:34
  17. 17 Sugar 01:37
  18. 18 Chocolate Cake 00:12
  19. 19 Funky Fox 00:27
  20. 20 The Flute Song 02:00
  21. 21 The Question 00:16
  22. 22 I Love You, Infinity 01:36


Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies welcomes you online...  well we don't actually exist online, we are real people...  well kinda.  We love the funk.  Do you love the funk?  Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies will get you dancing in the street!  of course if the street is closed off, because you don't want to be in the street, unless of course you are safely crossing the street at the intersection after looking both ways and holding your buddy's hand...  

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July - Monsterly Musical Monthly 

Power to the Purple, Purple Foxers!   A big big thank you to all of you coming up to us after the last show.  We had so much fun signing all of your new coloring books!

Did you know that Friday was the release of our latest single "Forever Everyday": 


iTunes / Apple Music 


and you can listen to our first single RED HOT LAVA 

Our TV show Afternoon Snack won Best Children's Community TV show by an independent producer in the nation in the Hometown Media Awards 2017!   

Watch the winning episode featuring Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies 

Purple Fox Josh will be attending the award ceremony in Minneapolis, Minnesota on July 13th!  Be sure to check our Instagram...   

Our next BIG show is July 29 in Palo Alto: 

Twilight Concert Series: Children's concert benefit Music in the Schools Foundation 
featuring Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies 12 piece FUNk band & Doctor Noize, plus special guests!! 

Mitchell Park, Palo Alto CA 

Sat, Jul 29 @ 6:30 PM — 8:00 PM

Two new interview articles for you Purple Foxers! 



After reading those write ups, even I want to see this band bring the FUNk!  See you Sunday 2:30pm-4pm at Washington Park in Burlingame!

Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies will be a 7 piece!  Purple Fox Josh, Messy Jessy on Trumpet, Lucie Blue and Ariel Estebez backing vocals and crowd surfing, Kristen Cardiasmenos playing that FUNky guitar right!  Brett Warren on Bass and Plumber Drummer on...  oooh I forget what he plays.  Can you remind me?

Power to the Purple!

Purple Fox Josh

Power to the Purple! 

Hey Purple Foxers!  I am soooooo excited to share some updates with you about the band.  Our next show is going to be fun fun FUN!  We are playing Kidchella in Redwood City, hosted by Andy Z.  And here is the lineup for the band for that one:

Josh Friedman - vocals, guitar   
Brett Warren - bass   
Kristen Cardiasmenos - guitar   
Justin Markovits (Plumber Drummer) - drums   
Jessica Morgan (Messy Jessy) - trumpet & mellophone 
Lucie Blue Duffort - vocals 
Ariel Estebez - vocals

June 11th 11am-1pm

see you there!!

yours purplely,

Purple Fox Josh

ASCAP Expo and online connections 

Alright, who is going to the ASCAP Expo this year?  Purple Fox Josh Friedman will be there and all the glory of Purple Fox and the Heebie Jeebies!  It is a great opportunity to connect with the music industry.  Have you connected with us on your favorite social flutter-by media playform?  Here we are, collect all 6!!


You can do it now, don't worry, we have it setup so it will open a separate window in your browser...  :0)


Millbrae Art & Wine Festival 

Yes!  We will be filling the Streets Filled with Talent Community Stage at the Millbrae Art & Wine Festival this Saturday 1pm-1:45pm....  Come join us for a ton of interactive musical goodiness!